Fun Father’s Day Present

Happy Father's Day

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Have a Happy Father’s Day by throwing and growing your own seed bomb herbs together. Only $20 for a unique and sustainable gift.  

Spring is the perfect time to be sowing to get the benefits of Summer herbs like parsley, mint, oregano and thyme. All of these herbs are included in the special Father’s Day gift tin for 2018.

Socks and jocks no more! Buy 3 for FREE* shipping using the coupon code dad2018. 

Mum’s get together and save – one for the kids to give to Dad, one for your Dad and one for the father-in-law!

Or if you’re looking for a fun activity to spend time together then check out our seed bomb kits and make your own at home with either herbs or flowers. 

We’ll be at the Warner’s Bay market on Saturday 18 August and Olive Tree Market Saturday 1 September for locals.

By Rachel

*FREE Shipping to capital city metro areas only. For delivery by Father’s Day order by 23 August 2018. 

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