It’s Christmas Thyme!

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Stuck for a Kris Kringle gift? Don’t worry Bee Merry with seed bombs!

It’s nearly that time of year again, when you get together with family and friends to celebrate with food and drink and presents!

Our family has for a few years now decided that Kris Kringle is a much more sustainable and easy way to show our love through gifts. So each year we set a spending limit and receive a thoughtful gift. Hint: We use draw names which is an easy way to set up the KK. 

But for those work or school Kris Kringle or Secret Santa groups that you get roped into it’s hard to know what to get within a spending limit, for someone you might not really know and that you don’t have to stress over going to the shops for hours searching for the perfect gift.

Our Christmas seed bombs are a great sustainable and eco-friendly idea for a unique present this Christmas season. We have two gift tin varieties – sunflower and thyme. No matter whether your kk is a gardener or not, seed bombs are a great way of growing plants from seed without any fuss. Simply, throw and grow!

Or if you’re looking for a teacher gift, then check out our specially designed seed bomb and pot plant gift set that says “thanks for helping me grow”.

Enjoy the silly season!


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