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National Tree Day 29 July 2018

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Sunday 29 July was National Tree Day and I was fortunate to join in a local group of community minded people to help plant out a large area of a local oval and playground in need of some TLC. The new mulched garden beds will create habitat for birds and other small animals as well as support a reduction in pollution from the surrounding commercial industry, help reduce urban heat and overall improve the public space. 

We planted out hundreds of grasses and small trees, creating new beds for them to define boundaries of a large grassy oval and play area and separate a waterway canal from this area.

Green spaces and re-vegetation is so important when we are increasingly expanding the urban sprawl. Connecting with the natural environment makes me feel great and I know has both mental and physical benefits (WHO says?). 

So why don’t you see what’s on in your local area next year, or even better, don’t wait til then, go check out a Landcare Australia group or get in touch with your local council to see where you can lend a hand. If you can’t get out and about then check out our make your own seed bomb kits so you can DIY at home and scatter some seeds in your backyard. 

I look forward to passing by now and then to see how the seedlings grow and develop the space. 


By Rachel. 

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