Seed bomb making – best school holiday activity

Kids can make seed bombs at home with little cost and great rewards

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Are you trying to think of yet another fun low cost school holiday activity that the little ones can manage without your constant attention?

Making seed bombs is a great low cost (or even free) activity the kids will love as they get their hands dirty and produce something that they can then care for and watch grow, maybe even reap the rewards from some edible herbs.

Seed bombs are also a great teaching tool – providing lessons in environmental benefit, particularly supporting the survival of our pollinating bees and forests. I love seeing projects like this one in Mildura, Victoria where the kids are doing an amazing job making seed bombs to grow new trees and care for them, so that their community is filled with much needed shade during their hot dry summer months.

Making seed bombs is simple and as parents you might have just about as much fun as the children!

Check out our DIY herb or floral mix seed bomb kit to make your own at home these school holidays. 

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Happy seed bombing!


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