Seed Sensations was born from a love of making, growing and giving. 

We want to help you give a gift that creates environments that are abuzz with bees, edible plants, and flowers that warm the heart. 

Customer satisfaction...
5 out of 5 stars Absolutely adore these beautiful seed bombs. Rachel went above and beyond to make sure they were delivered before my mother's birthday. I am so impressed with her work and highly recommend her to all. Thank you again Rachel. I truly appreciate it 🙂

Hi I'm Rachel, the face behind Seed Sensations.
I created Seed Sensations because I love gardening and the good feelings it brings as well as the feeling I get when I give a loved one a gift and see the smile on their face when they find something special just for them.
Creating beautiful seed bombs brings it all together for me and I hope you get the same sensation!

Exceptional customer service...
I approached Rachel about a custom order for some memory boxes I was making, for parents that lose their baby through premature labour, or still birth.I was looking for that 'something special' to add to the boxes, that could be a constant reminder of the parents precious lost child. Rachel went above and beyond to help me out to achieve this, and created seedbombs with custom labels that brought tears to my eyes when the delivery arrived. I highly recommend using Seed Sensations, Rachel won't treat you just like every other customer, she'll treat you as YOU and make sure you get exactly what YOU want.
Gift recipient feedback...
Received my beautiful seed sensations for Mothers Day. Have planted them in pots around my garden and they're starting to sprout. So beautifully presented, fabulous gift!

Frequently Asked Questions

Seed bombs are a fantastic way of growing plants from seed in a simple and effective way.

Our seed bombs are made from a mixture of organic compost, clay and plant seed. But wait there’s more!

We also include a natural (and secret!) ingredient to boost germination and support growth.

Large gardens, small balconies or rooftops or courtyards, seed bombs are effective anywhere.

Seed bombs are a great alternative to sowing and growing seed directly in the garden for three reasons:

1. they are protected from wild birds, pets and other predators, allowing them to germinate safely and effectively

2. they help reduce unnecessary soil disruption

3. they are great for the lazy gardener or those with a limited green thumb!

Seed Sensations aims to make it easier for everyone to enjoy a little bit (or a lot) of nature that we thrive on. Being in nature or the natural environment has proven health benefits. You’re not only feeding your health but by introducing more plants to our world we are helping to save the bees and pollinate our food.

No green thumbs needed here! 

Seed bombs are so user friendly, you don’t have to fuss over them at all if you don’t want to or don’t have time/skills to do so. The simplest method is as basic as throwing them in the garden and letting nature do it’s thing.

1. Place on soil

2. Water

3. Watch grow 

If you want to be a bit more careful, we recommend placing the bottom half in the soil so they get some stability and don’t end up where you don’t want them. Doing this will also provide the seeds a good support within the soil to put down roots once they start coming out of their casing. 

Our seed bombs are made with a mix of organic compost and clay as well as plant seed and a special ingredient that supports germination. 

We also use floral decoration to make our seed bombs extra special and pretty. 

Pretty much. Most plant seed we choose are plants that grow best in sun or part shade, so we recommend placing your seed bombs in a mostly sunny spot on soil that’s not ridden with weeds as they will have less competition and a better chance of germinating and growing well. 

Seed bombs are made of material that is found naturally in an outdoor garden environment but are not made for dogs, cats, chickens etc to ingest so please don’t mix up your seed bombs with your pet food! 

It’s a surprise! We don’t provide exact numbers as this will never be correct with nature taking it’s course. Even from one season to the next we see varying plant growth and environmental changes so just be patient and wait and see. That being said, we don’t over populate our seed bombs so you get a better germination rate of strong plants that aren’t competing against each other. One seed bomb always produces multiple plants. 

Product Ordering Information

CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US and we’ll talk to you about making something special. It’s a good idea to have a look at our seed range and packaging options before you send your enquiry. All our seed bombs are hand made so we do need some lead time to make and deliver your order so please keep this in mind. 

Handling time is generally within 2 business days and shipping delivery time will depend on your location but is usually received within 1-5 days of shipping date. 

We primarily use Sendle couriers which promote a carbon neutral service which is an added bonus with your purchase. 

If for some reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch with us first to let us know what the concern is to see how we can help you. Exchange and refund will be processed in accordance with our policy.   

We would love to hear from you. 

We are based in Newcastle, NSW and so love to link with local businesses that want to stock our products and are happy to meet to discuss options.

Not in Newy? No worries. We send products across Australia (in accordance with seed quarantine regulations) so get in touch and let us know what you’re interested in. 

We love weddings and other special occasions but if you are ordering last minute (within 3 weeks of your event date) please contact us as soon as possible to ask about a rush order and we will do our best to help you out. A rush order may incur a small support fee that will go towards a spare pair of hands to help out with continuing order fulfilment. 

Cutomer feedback...
I ordered some Happy Birthday seed bombs for my sister and she was thrilled with them. The service and shipping was excellent, highly recommended
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