Gardening Australia makes seed bombs

Did you catch Gardening Australia’s segment last week where Millie Ross made seed bombs?

The ‘set and forget’ concept is just on thing I love about seed bombs and why Millie decided to give seed bombs a go – because she’s not always around at the perfect time to sow seed the traditional way.

If you don’t have the time, or just don’t want to bother with getting your hands dirty, seed bombs are a fantastic way to grow plants.

Edible things like herbs and salad mixes will provide you with some tasty delights and like Millie says, you can stagger your “planting” to enjoy a longer harvest.

The set and forget method or ‘throw and grow’ is also fun when you let nature take its course – you may be pleasantly surprised at when and where you find your plants sprouting. Our floral mix seed bombs are a great option for this, as a bit of colour in the garden is always a good thing, not just for your own enjoyment but the bees and butterflies will love it too.

You can check out the episode here for instructions on how they experimented with a few different recipes.

By Rachel.

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